Narrow linewidth fiber laser


  • Power
  • Up to 2 W
  • Mode 
  •  CW
  • RIN 
  •  140dB
  • М2 
  •  1,05
  • Linewidth 
  •  2,5 kHz
  • Description
  • Features
  • Recommendations
    for Use

Most of all narrow linewidth lasers are used in environment monitoring systems for gas detection, also in systems determining parameters related with Doppler frequency shift.

Key features:
  • Very narrow linewidth 
  • Low RIN 
  • Fast piezo-tunning 
  • Wavelength Termo-tunning

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  • Parameter
  • Power
    Up to 2 W
  • Mode 
  • RIN 
  • М2 
  • Linewidth 
     2,5 kHz
  • Output 
     FC/APC,collimator, isolator
  • Interface 
     RS232, USB
  • Piezo 
     ±15 pm
  • Thermal Tuning 
    ±0,15 nm
  • Environment monitoring
  • System monitoring related with Doppler frequency shift