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Laser Diode Driver SF6015


  • Operation mode 
  • CW 
  • Output voltage (V) 
  • 1 -10 V (0,8*Vin max)
  • Output current (I) 
  • 0 -15 А 
  • Pumping current changing step 
  • 0,01 А
  • Description
  • Features
  • Recommendations
    for Use

SF6015 laser diode driver is from the series of high power, compact OEM constant current laser diode drivers. Unique laser driver circuit solutions allows to achieve high efficiency (up to 97%) and high power density. Aluminum base plate provides effective remove heat from laser diode driver module with the water or air cooling. These devices are an excellent choice for laser diode from II-VI Laser Enterprise, BWT Beijing Laser Diodes, IPG Photonics, Dilas, Lumentum and etc.

Key features:

  • Very High efficiency up to 98%
  • ULTRA-COMPACT (1 kW on size 60*58 mm)
  • Analog Control Signal/RS-232
  • Interlock
  • Over-Current Protection Shutdown
  • Over-Temperature Warning & Shut-Down
  • Soft-Start Current Ramp to User Set-Point
  • NTC thermistor input
  • User Set Current Limit
  • No need to adjust voltage

JSC «Leningrad Laser Systems» (LLS) offers full technical support and worldwide shipping of products. We guarantee you high quality and fast supply of components and equipment! If the equipment that you are going to buy, cause you any questions, you can get technical advice from our engineeres. We are recommended due to the high level of customer service by our highly qualified staff.

For more information, to receive technical advice or to place an order, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Parameter
  • Operation mode 
  • Output voltage (V) 
    1 -10 V (0,8*Vin max)
  • Output current (I) 
    0 -15 А 
  • Pumping current changing step 
    0,01 А
  • Rise Time: (50%*Iout) 
     150  - 500 μs
  • Rise Time:(100%*Iout) 
    140  - 500 μs
  • Fall time 
    250 - 1200 μs
  • Current stability 
    0,2 % 
  • Current set accuracy 
  • Input voltage range (Vin) 
    10-14 V 
  • Control 
    analog; digital; RS-232/UART 
  • Dimensions 
    37*58*30 quarter-brick


  • laser marking
  • welding
  • soldering
  • cutting applications,
  • medical equipment
  • laser measurement equipment
  • spectrometers
  • lidar
  • range finders
  • laboratory test set-ups

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