Supply, integration of laser-optical components and equipment. Resident of ITMO Technopark
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Supply, integration of laser-optical components and equipment. Resident of ITMO Technopark

Black Level

Black Level
Russian Federation
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Having years of experience in optics and electronics, as well as innovative technologies, Black Level is constantly improving spectral solutions. The company is dedicated to developing compact, fast and accurate spectral instruments according to customer’s needs.

All developed solutions are equipped with a special software interface suitable for specific applications. Other software can be integrated into the equipment on customer’s request. By default, devices are designed for laboratory use. Special designs are available on request. The devices use SMA905 or free space optical input, external trigger mode and USB interface. 

The range of standard spectrometers can be equipped with accessories that provide measurements of absorbance, reflectance, spectral distribution of scattering or fluorescence. The company supplies both preconfigured products and customized spectral solutions for in situ real time analysis of liquid and bulk samples, including simultaneous optical density and fluorescence spectral distribution, scattering and refractive index measurements.


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  • Visible range spectrometers
  • Near Infrared spectrometers
  • Spectrophotometers
  • Spectrofluorometers
  • Customized spectral solutions

JSC "LLS" represents the entire range of Black Level products in Russian Federation and CIS countries, and offers the most favorable supply conditions, full technical support, as well as sample supply. You can get additional information by contacting our company.

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