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Invitation to the exhibition "LASER World of PHOTONICS - 2019"

Invitation to the exhibition "LASER World of PHOTONICS - 2019"


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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

We invite you to visit our stand at the exhibition "LASER World of  PHOTONICS - 2019", which will be held from 24 to 27 June 2019 at the Messe MÜNCHEN, Munich.

Hall B3

Stand 338

At the exhibition you will find:
  • New products of photonics and laser technology  industries
  • Equipment from leading manufacturers
  • The latest Russian developments
Full information about the exhibition you will find here. Use the floor plan to find our stand.

Our company will present the following expositions:

SPECIAL FIBERSactive_burned.png


  • Ytterbium Doped Active Fibers
  • Erbium Doped Active Fibers
  • High Birefringence Spun Panda Fiber
  • Multimode Optical Fiber
  • Single mode Bending Insensitive Fiber
  • Panda-Type Polarization Maintaining Fiber
  • Radiation Hardened Polarization Maintaining
  • Panda-Type Optical Fiber
  • Radiation-Resistant Single Mode Optical Fiber

6+1x1 Pump Combiner_burned.pngFIBER COMPONENTS


  • Collimators
  • Multiplexors (WDM)
  • Filters
  • Attenuators
  • Isolators
  • Faraday mirrors
  • Circulators

  • DWDM Systems
  • Fiber amplifiers
  • Quantrons
  • Narrow linewidth fiber laser
  • Radio-over-fibre tracts

We will also demonstrate the following equipment at our stand:

Light sources

  • Single mode Fiber Lasers

Rated output power of 1000 W and 2000 W, operating wavelenghth is 1070-1090 nm,  emission line width is 3 nm. The laser has long period of operation and high-quality output beam.

  • Thulium Fiber Laser of miniature dimensions

Output power of 1 W , operating wavelenghth is 1900-2100 nm, spectrum width is 0.3-3 nm. Fully fiber construction ensures stable output power and excellent beam quality.

  • Holmium Fiber Lasers with cw and pulse mode of operation

Average output power is from 2 to 10 W, central wavelenghth is 2100 ± 0.2 nm, spectrum width is 0.2 ± 0.05 nm. It has stable power, high quality laser radiation and does not require liquid cooling. 

  • Raman Fiber Lasers at 1265 nm and 1450 nm wavelenghth 

Average output power is from 5 to 12 W, spectrum width is 0.1 ± 0.05 nm. It has stable power and high quality laser radiation.

Power supplies and drivers
  •  Benchtop Laser Diodes MBL1500 series

These controllers are an excellent choice for laboratory test set-ups and has all the necessary protections for safe operation with laser diodes. The construction has two modications: 

  • MBL1500A  with special design for supply laser diode in Butterfly package in both Type 1 and Type 2 14-pin Laser Diodes. 
  • MBL1500B with external connector.
  •  Laser Diode Drivers SF8XXX-10 series

 It has special design for supply laser diode in butterfly package with 10 pin pump laser diodes. Driver SF8XXX-10 include high stability current source (0,01mА) for laser diode and TEC for precision maintaining the temperature on peiltier element (TEM) (0,01 °C).

  • Laser Diode Drivers SF8XXX-ZIF14 series

Driver have an integrated mounting Azimuth socket for butterfly packaged devices and large heat sink for stable heat dissipation. Low current ripple: ≤ 10uA Current stability < 0.1%  

  • Laser Diode Drivers SF8XXX-14 series

These devices are an excellent choice for laser diode from II-VI Laser Enterprise, Eblana Photonics, 3SP Technologies, Furukawa and etc. They have: 

  • Optional Azimuth Socket for Butterfly Mounting
  • Soft-Start Current Ramp and Current Limit for Laser Diode Protection
  • Integrated PID controller, doesn't require setup
  • Laser Diode Drivers SF6XXX series

This is the series of high power, compact OEM constant current laser diode drivers. Unique laser driver circuit solutions allows to achieve high efficiency (up to 97%) and high power density.  It is also ultra - compact (1 kW on size 60*58 mm).

Do not hesitate to contact us:
e-mail: info@lenlasers.ru

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