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«Leningrad Laser Systems» (LLS) - sponsor of the conference SPb-POEM

«Leningrad Laser Systems» (LLS) - sponsor of the conference SPb-POEM


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SPb Photonic, Optoelectronic, & Electronic Materials

The «Leningrad Laser Systems» (LLS) company serves as a sponsor of the conference «SPb-POEM», which will be held in St. Petersburg Academic University from 24 to 27 April

Within the framework of this event, our company will present equipment of Russian and foreign manufacturers.

The conference will bring together world-renowned experts and industry leaders to discuss the latest developments in the field of photonics.

  Conference Topics:
  • 2D materials
  • IV element based on photonics materials and devices
  • Chalcogenide materials
  • Quantum dots and nanowires
  • Organic materials
  • Liquid crystals and liquid nanocomposites

The conference program includes the following workshops:
  • "2D Materials" 
  • "Liquid crystals"
  • "THz optoelecronics and photonics"
  • "Nanophotonics"
  • "Metamaterials and plasmon devices"
  • "Smart biosensors and bioanalytical systems"
  • "Biomedicine"

e-mail: info@lenlasers.ru

We will be glad to meet you there!

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